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Appendix A  Commands in the canthology package

The numerous commands defined in the canthology package have been discussed in various chapters of this manual. This appendix summarise the names of those commands, and provide cross references to the sections in which the commands are discussed in detail.

Labelled constructs    Section 12.2
\lpart     \lchapter     \lsection      \lsubsection
\lsubsubsection     \lparagraph      \lsubparagraph

Anonymous section    Section 2.3

Author’s name and details    Sections 2.22.4
\chapterAuthorInfo     \sectionAuthorInfo     \poemAuthorInfo

Reviewer praise for a book    Section 9.9

Cross references without page numbers    Section 9.10.2
\xa     \xc     \xf     \xp     \xs     \xt

Cross references with page numbers    Section 9.10.2
\xap     \xcp     \xfp     \xpp     \xsp     \xtp

Simplify varioref cross references    Section 9.10.3

Page backgrounds    Section 9.6
\thisPageBackgroundColor       \everyPageBackgroundColor
\thisPageBackgroundImage       \everyPageBackgroundImage
\thisPageBackgroundCommand     \everyPageBackgroundCommand

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