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The name Canthology is an abbreviation of create anthology. Canthology is software that makes it easy to create anthologies (and other documents) in PDF and HTML formats. Canthology works by providing a “simplification wrapper” around the LaTeX typesetting system and HeVeA (a LaTeX-to-HTML converter).

An explanation of some ways in which Canthology greatly simplifies the creation of anthologies is provided in the Overview of Canthology page (also available in PDF format for A4 and US Letter paper).

Canthology is developed and maintained by Ciaran McHale, and is released under a set of free/open-source licenses:

Software and Manuals

The distribution of Canthology software includes the PDF versions of the manual:

If you prefer to read the Canthology User Guide before downloading the software, then that manual is available in several formats: